Information to muslims

God´s will is good for muslims and to all people!

Has anybody told You, how much God loves you and how important person you are to God? Have You ever taught, that God might have brought You to Finland, that You could hear the message of the Christian faith and the message of Jesus, who atoned Your sins on the cross of Golgatha.
He took the curse of Your sins and died in the midst of great pain for You! He suffered for You and took on himself all the punishment that belongs to You.
“It is finished!”
Jesus brought sins of all mankind on the cross. Now all the sins of every person, who receives Jesus as his or her own Savior, will be forgiven. Every person, who believes in Jesus as his or her own Savior will be free of punishment! “There is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus!” Rom. 8:1

Also You may receive God´s mercy and freedom from Your sins by receiving Jesus as your Savior and Lord. This message You might not be able to hear in Your muslim country.

So, what are You going to do about Your sins?
Nobody can be a child of God or get in to Paradise without Jesus.
Jesus opened the way to the Heavens by His blood. He said: “I am the way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except by Me.” Joh 14:6.
Religions are, therefore, unnecessary.

God was in Christ and reconciling the world to Himself.” 2. Kor. 5:19.
Jesus sacrificed Himself for Your and atoned Your sins by His suffering and death! Jesus is not a religion or a religious ideology. He has risen up from the death and is now the King of Heaven, the Son of God, the Lord, who has all the power in Heaven and on the earth.

Get a Bible and begin to read it from the New Testament. If You understand Finnish, get “Raamattu Kansalle” – Bible, it is a good translation. When You read, pray that the Holy Spirit would help You to understand what You read. When You pray in the name of Jesus, God will hear You. He is waiting for You. He is willing to do good for You, to save you, to forgive Your sins, to be Your friend. You can tell Him all Your concerns.

When You have received Jesus as Your Savior and Lord, contact us. We will arrange a baptism for You where You will be baptised in full-immersion baptism in the name of Your new Lord Jesus Christ. In this way You will become a Cristian, a child of God.
Only this way You will get in to Paradise after this life.