An United Prayer Hour

Date and time: On every Friday at 6 to 7 pm. EET
Place: where ever you are at that moment.

Is meant for everyone sharing the faith in Jesus Christ as our King and Saviour. Place of prayer is where ever you are at this hour.

The united prayer hour on Friday evenings has become an international getting together event. Everywhere in the world we are starting each Friday evening with a united prayer hour, at the same time with the beginning of the Jewish Sabbath. We settle together in the united prayer front to pray for each other and to bless everyone in faith of Jesus Christ. We pray in His holy name.

In the prayer you are allowed to cry or laugh, shout out loud or whisper words silently in your mind. You can dance and rejoice. Your style is up to your current life and emotional situation.

It is enormous to know that there are thousands of people in the chain of prayer at the same hour all over the world. By joining this united prayer hour you’ll get yourself lots of others to pray for you and to bless you. The main cause for this united prayer hour is to pray for all of us who join this hour around the world.

Therefore let’s make this chain of prayers more and more known to everyone!