A Prayer evening for every one in faith of Jesus Christ

Date and time: On every Friday at 6-7 p.m. EET
Place: where ever you are at that moment.

God wants to gather prayers in common front for each others. Every one for each of us!
In this common prayer meeting you are welcome to

cry or laugh
shout or be quiet
pray aloud or in your thoughts
you are welcome
to dance and rejoice
or join others in silence.

You are free to follow the manner close to your heart and current life situation in your worship and prayer.
It is awesome to know that at particular moment there are lots of believers in prayer; some praying alone, others in groups, all around the world!
Worldly people start their weekend with worldly celebration. Let us enter weekends in common prayer and worshipping Jesus by joining this prayer meeting hour weekly.

You will gain a large group of prayers for your life and will be object of blessings of many fellow christians.

Join the prayer meeting! Let’s make this a common and well known custom all around the world!